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New York State Boating Safety Certificate Replacement

Drive a Boat USA can issue an official replacement of your New York State Safe Boating Certificate if it has been lost or damaged. Easily replace your New York Boater Education Card or purchase additional cards to keep on hand for peace of mind.

Replace your NY State Safe Boating Certificate

Save money with each additional replacement card you purchase. Replacement Safe Boating Certificates are valid throughout the United States and Canada and never expire.

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    FAQ about replacement NY State boater cards

    Having multiple NY State Safe Boating Certificates in your possession ensures you’ll always have a backup in case of emergency, whether on the boat, at the cottage or in your wallet.

    Your replacement New York Safe Boating Certificate will arrive in the mail within 4 weeks after contacting us via the form above. Once we receive your request, we will send you a temporary card by email that you can use while you wait for the plastic card(s). 

    Fines of up to $250 may be imposed on boaters who fail to produce a valid New York Safe Boating Certificate upon request from the authorities.

    Drive a Boat USA will not be able to replace New York Safe Boating Certificates for operators who completed their courses with another provider. New York State Parks Recreation & Historic Preservation can help you determine which course provider issued your original card.


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