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Refund policy

Once a client has registered with Drive a Boat USA and decides to not take the online exam, this person can choose to transfer their account to another person or can apply the payment to a Drive a Boat USA course. The client has to advise Drive a Boat USA of the change by e-mail or telephone within 90 days of the registration. Once chapter 2 is started, no refunds will be issued unless a technical problem arose and a client has been charged more than once for the same service. In such case, Drive a Boat USA must be notified within 60 days of any technical problems to be eligible for a refund.

For States where cards are issued by Drive a Boat USA and not by the State authorities, if you have not received your card within 90 days of passing the exam or ordering a replacement card, please contact Drive a Boat USA by e-mail: or telephone: 1-866-938-6373. If the 90 day period has expired, it will be considered as an card re-impression and the standard replacement card fee will be applied. If there is an error on the card in the spelling of your name or date of birth, the 90 day period will apply.

Expiration of the account
The online exam must be completed within one year of registration. If not, the account expires and is non-refundable.