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Navigation Lights for Sailboats and Human-Powered Vessels

October 30, 2023

Navigation lights are an important element of boating safety equipment for all boats, including sailboats and human-powered vessels. If you are operating a sailboat or nonpowered boat such as a canoe, kayak or rowboat, you need to know when to use navigation lights. You also need to be aware of the correct configuration of navigation … Read more ›

Boat Navigation Light Rules and Requirements

Boat navigation lights are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your boat, along with personal flotation devices, boat fire extinguishers and boat ventilation systems.   As a boat owner or operator, you are legally responsible for using the correct safety equipment at all times. This is your responsibility whether your boat … Read more ›

What are Ventilation Systems on Boats Used For?

October 17, 2023

A boat engine produces fumes that can accumulate and lead to a powerful, potentially life-threatening explosion. A boat ventilation system makes this type of disaster much less likely by removing combustible fumes from the bilges of engines and fuel tank compartments. Your boat ventilation system is an essential part of your boating safety equipment. All … Read more ›

What are Backfire Flame Arrestors for Boats?

A backfire flame arrestor is a piece of safety equipment that you need to keep onboard if your boat has an inboard engine. What do backfire flame arrestors do? When a boat engine backfires, flames could come into contact with fuel or other flammables and start a fire. A backfire flame arrestor is a round … Read more ›

Boat Fire Extinguisher Classes and Requirements

October 2, 2023

Boat fire extinguishers are an essential piece of boating safety equipment. While not all boats are required to carry one by law, it is highly recommended that all boaters be prepared to fight fire by equipping their boat with an appropriate fire extinguisher, just in case. Boat fires can happen unexpectedly. While most boat fires … Read more ›

PFD Sizing & Fitting: Characteristics and Chart

Wearing the right life jacket is not only essential for boating legally and avoiding fines, it will keep you safe. Accidents on the water happen quickly, and when something goes wrong, there is rarely time to decide to put on a PFD, much less to make sure it fits properly. Before you take to the … Read more ›

Life Jacket Regulations for Children

Life jacket rules for children are just as binding as those for adults. Although it can be tempting to think that children might be free from boating regulations, both state and federal laws protect infants’ and children’s safety in the water with specific life jacket regulations. Failure to respect these rules could lead to tragic … Read more ›

Inflatable PFD Requirements & Restrictions

Within the broader category of wearable PFDs (also known as life jackets or life vests), there are two main styles to choose from: foam or inflatable. Inflatable personal flotation devices can be a good choice for boaters who want maximum comfort and mobility. However, it is important to note that inflatable PFDs are not legal … Read more ›

Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Rules & Regulations

September 5, 2023

Personal Flotation Devices, also called life jackets, are a key element of boating safety. However, not just any life jacket will protect you properly. It is important to use a PFD that is U.S. Coast Guard approved and in good condition. Here’s how to tell if your PFD meets USCG regulations and boater safety standards.  … Read more ›

PFD Types and Designs

Life jackets, also called Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), save lives. According to the United States Coast Guard, more than three quarters of all drowning victims were not wearing a PFD at the time of their deaths. To stay safe on the water, boaters of all ages need to wear a life jacket, no matter how … Read more ›