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California Boater Card Age Requirements

November 28, 2022

In California, your age currently determines whether or not you need certification to drive a boat and what type of craft you are allowed to operate. What age groups are required to hold a California Boater Card? California is currently implementing a requirement for individuals to take a boating safety course in order to operate … Read more ›

What Equipment is Required on a Boat in California?

Whenever you go boating, it’s important to have all required safety equipment on board to make sure that you’re in compliance with California state law and that you’re well prepared for any eventuality. Here is an overview of the boat safety equipment required in California for different sizes and types of vessels. Human-powered craft Life … Read more ›

California Boat Registration Number & Sticker Information

Most recreational vessels in California need to be registered. If your vessel weighs over 5 tons, you have the option of registering it with the U.S. Coast Guard and obtaining a maritime certificate of documentation. Otherwise, you’ll need to register it with the state DMV. Find out about the specifics of registering a recreational vessel … Read more ›

Operating a Boat Under the Influence in California

In California, the regulations for drinking on a boat are different than they are for cars. However, boating under the influence in California can result in you losing your driver’s license, among other serious penalties. Operating a boat requires clear thinking and quick reflexes, and doing so with alcohol in your system can endanger you, … Read more ›