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Florida Divers-Down Flag Symbol and Laws

November 29, 2022

A divers-down warning device serves to alert boaters in the vicinity that there are divers in the water. It must be displayed when and only when there are individuals who are partially or wholly submerged underwater and using some type of breathing apparatus (snorkels included). This requirement is intended to reduce the risk of run-over … Read more ›

Who is Responsible for Regulating Boating Laws in Florida?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Division of Law Enforcement is responsible for regulating and enforcing boating laws in the state. Florida boating law enforcement Law enforcement officers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, county sheriff’s deputies, municipal police officers and all other law enforcement officers have the authority to enforce Florida’s … Read more ›

Florida Boating Accident Report Laws

It’s important for boaters to know what steps to take in the event of an emergency on the water. The state of Florida has laws in place to ensure that when an accident happens, help is given to those who need it and the authorities are notified in a timely manner. Find out what your … Read more ›

Florida Boat Registration Number & Sticker Information

November 28, 2022

The state of Florida has strict regulations governing the titling and registration of recreational vessels. Boat owners and operators should familiarize themselves with these requirements and follow them assiduously in order to remain in compliance with state law. Florida boat registration and titling All motorized vessels on state waterways are required to have a title … Read more ›

Aquatic Nuisance Species in Florida

Aquatic nuisance species are plants, fish, mollusks etc. that are not native to an area but spread quickly once introduced and cause harm to the local ecosystem and human health, recreational and economic interests. They may kill, starve out or displace native species, affect public water supplies, cause flooding or detract from the enjoyment of … Read more ›

Airboat Laws and Regulations in Florida

Airboats are flat-bottomed vessels powered by an internal combustion engine and propelled by an aircraft-style propeller mounted on the stern. They are a popular means of transportation in shallow, marshy waters where a submerged propeller would be impractical, such as the Florida Everglades. Airboat muffler laws in Florida Since airboats are powered by internal combustion … Read more ›

New York State Personal Watercraft (PWC) Laws and Regulations

Personal watercraft (PWCs) are motorized vessels under 16 ft in length that are powered by waterjet propulsion. They are usually designed to hold two or three people, who stand, kneel or sit on the craft rather than inside it. PWCs are often called by their brand names, which include Jet Ski, Sea-Doo and WaveRunner.   … Read more ›

New York State Life Jacket Laws & Requirements

According to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, 82% of victims who drowned in New York between 2005 and 2021 were not wearing a life jacket. Considering the major role PFDs play in saving lives on the water, they should ideally be worn at all times while boating. However, the … Read more ›

Boating Under the Influence Laws in New York State

While recreational boaters and passengers over the age of 21 are permitted to drink while boating in New York, operating a vessel under the effects of alcohol can have serious consequences. Not only are there strict legal limits that carry severe penalties when contravened, but intoxication can seriously impair your ability to operate a vessel … Read more ›

Do You Need a Boating License in New York State? Age Requirements & Info

Technically, there is no boating license for pleasure boaters in New York. However, there is a boating safety certificate that is required for most recreational boating in the state. Discover which situations require a boating certificate in New York State and how to obtain one! Types of vessels that require a boating safety certificate in … Read more ›